Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Picture Post....

Here is a glimpse of My 24th Birthday weekend.
Sarah said this was a really good picture of me. We are getting ready to go to dinner where I had Steak with crab over the top, Sarah had Salmon. Yum!

Sarah is standing where the first Auburn/Georgia game was played over a 100 years ago. The Auburn and Georgia rivalry is the oldest one in the SEC. She is drinking Toomer's Lemonade, world known but really really sweet.
The first Aubie mascot outfit.
The Pride of the Southland marching off during halftime. Brings back memories from five years ago when I was there playing for the Vols as a freshman at UT.

My beautiful Sarah enjoying the sun and time with me.

We were all smiles after the game even though the Vols lost. I loved this picture because of the sunset.

The building in the background is one of the oldest on campus. Between each floor is two feet of sand. This is designed to prevent it from burning down. When a floor burns, the sand falls out and puts the fire out. Auburn is known for their engineering program

Erin and Lori are friends from Centri-Kid that I was glad to see and hang out with on Saturday.

The Rolling of Toomer's corner has been an Auburn Tradition for many years. Back in the day the drug store that sells the lemonade was the only place in town that had a telegraph machine. When they received word about the outcome of a Auburn away game someone would go out and post the telegram on the trees across the street. Now fans roll the trees after every win. It was a cool thing to experience, I even took a turn at the rolling.

Overall, it was a great birthday!

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