Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm a Nomad

Last night I slept in the fourth different house in the last four days.

My original hope was to get back to my apartment today. Unfortunately the main damage that the city of New Orleans had was that of power failure.

13 of the 15 main lines that bring energy and power to the city were broken.

Massive power failures all across the city.

Most of the guys I'm working with live in Uptown and are back up and running.

The seminary is still trying to get power, which looks like it will happen over the weekend. So, I'm probably not going to be getting back until Sunday or Monday.

This is a link to see the damage of the seminary and surrounding area:

Look for the picture link at the top.

Thank you God for this inconvenience, because I will take that over 8 feet of water in the Gentilly area.

Psalm 83: 14-18 Desiring to Proclaim the Holy Name of the Most High Lord over all the earth!

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Rob Wilton said...

love having you on the team. keep it going. God has great things in store.