Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gustav Pictures

Pictures from the last few days.
Sunday Morning Paper

Shops on Magazine Prepare for Gustav.
Yeah Right! We got through and back to New Orleans after some dodging the road blocks.
Flooding on the Northshore seen after

My First shot coming back of my city, NEW ORLEANS!!!!
Our Boys protecting us! Thanks guys.

Mike and I trying to look as good as the National Guard. Not so easy.
A closer look at Mike's outfit for the day of work. What in the heck is this? Look at the pants.
Fuel Coffee House and the trash that we cleaned out.

My pancakes from Slim Goodies...Yummy! Good way to start a day of work.

Damage in Uptown. Trees and branches are the main thing.

A huge tree in Audubon Park, we hope to conquer that later. It's so massive.

Rob cleaning out his trash can, it smelled awful!!! Real ministry is doing the dirty work of a servant. We are servants of Jesus Christ, get in there and get to work.

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