Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sat. To Do- Laurence Park, Shrimp & Water

Hello Friends,

I wanted to update you all and share some picture from our work on Saturday. The Vintage Relief team decided to tackle Laurence Square Park today. This is a park down the street from our church; a hot spot for families of the Uptown area. Travis is a mad man with a rake! We have all become really good with one, this is the main work that we have been doing.
Tiffany and Howard, a man that lives next to Laurence Park, bag up some leaves.
We bagged up about 35 bags of leaves and limbs in the park which lined most of the street.

A shot of the Saturday Relief Team.

Rob's neighbor Karl fixed us all lunch, tons of BBQ Shrimp! Yum.

I am really roughing it here for lunch. Gustav has really spoiled us. I've probably gained 10 pounds. Relief work is really fun this way.

Another effective type of ministry that Vintage has discovered is passing out water bottles at street intersections in Uptown. This is a great way to meet people on a hot day as you give them a refreshingly cold bottle of Vintage Water.

Andrew Ogea and me rode around in the back of a truck and passed out bottles of water to people that were working hard in their yards.As I look back over this long week of work, I know that God is working in this city. As we count down to our September Launch (28th) I'm really excited to see the people that God is going to bring across our path. Whether it be through another hurricane (Ike), Vintage mission work day or just talking to people in the area; God is going to use this church to display His Glory in a dark and dying city. Thank you for your prayers.

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