Saturday, December 31, 2011

A thought for your 2012 commute

Our American lives seem so packed with work, family, projects and tasks. As we begin to think through New Year's resolutions adding just 2 changes might seem daunting. A 2012 resolution I would encourage every person (Christian or non-Christian) to undertake would be consistent Bible reading. There are plans for beginners that take you through the New Testament, plans with free days to catch up and plans that give you a balanced reading from both Old and New Testaments. For the various options read Pastor Dustin's blog - "Plan your Reading & Read your Plan"

If this undertaking seems impossible because we don't know when we have time. Here's an interesting thought that I read from Justin Taylor:
"The entire ESV Bible on audio is usually about 75 hours (or 4500 minutes). If you commute to work 5 days a week, that’s about 260 days a year. And if it takes you, say, 17 minutes to commute each way to work—and if you listen to the Bible on audio during your drive each way—you’ll get through the entire Bible twice in a year. This probably isn’t the only way to do Bible intake—but it’s one most of us should take advantage of more." from Bible Reading Plans for 2012
As I was selecting my plan this morning God's Spirit impressed upon my heart that my daily commute provides a prime opportunity. The average American commute is 30 minutes each way. (watch this Community video) Most of us likely spend at least an hour per day in our cars. Let me encourage you to redeem your commute in 2012 through listening to Scripture.
The ESV reading plans can be received daily through your email, downloaded as podcasts, printed as a bookmark or input into your calendar. This technology really alleviates every excuse and make this resolution one of the easiest you can make.

Remember the goal is to know and love Jesus and His Word more this time next year. Look through the plans, ask God's Spirit for guidance and endurance then begin reading tomorrow.