Thursday, May 7, 2009

Two Powerful days in Daniel...

Sorry I didn't get a chance to post yesterday. I encourage you to read both.

Wednesday May 6: Daniel 8
Daniel was so overcome by the visions of the future suffering of his people that he was set back a few days.(v.27) At this point Daniel didn’t fully understand the vision. Further details were to come later, but until then Daniel got on with his work. When you think about the enormity of task in front of Vintage New Orleans, how do you respond? Today let these thoughts drive you to diligently pursue sharing with people how they can become a child of God.
Deeper Study: Soak up Luke 15 God’s heartbeat is to find that which is lost.

Thursday May 7: Daniel 9
Daniel’s prayer stands as the model prayer for us to follow as we intercede on the behalf of New Orleans, North America and the world. The beginning (v.4) the end (v.17-19) and everything in between is primarily focused on God. God honoring and glorifying prayers are ones that have Him placed at the center. God does all that He does because He is who He is. (v.17-18) The answer for accomplishing Vintage’s world vision of reaching the nations must be found in God Himself. (v. 19) This type of prayer has an impact upon our daily life because we realize that God is even more passionate about His interests and purposes than we could even imagine. Today use this chapter as you pray and like Daniel bring God’s greatness and glory into your prayers for His sake.
Deeper Prayer: Use Nehemiah 1:4-11 to help you be in continuous prayer today.

Listen to Rob's sermon on Prayer from Sunday.

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