Monday, May 18, 2009

Lessons from Sarah

I enjoyed another weekend in Knox-Vegas catching up with friends and family. Sarah was in NYC w her annual scholarship trip and then spent the weekend in Boston for her friend Madison's graduation.

Monday was the day that both of us were looking forward to, since we were going to get to see each other for about half a day before our separate summers begin. Instead Delta has delayed her flight three times, just today. Hopefully we'll get a few hours in before tomorrow morning.

However, this seems to be just what Pastor Larry was preaching about yesterday at Asbury.

This small little church means the world to my sweetheart. The entire Monday side of the family serves in this church, which means that about half the people you meet when you attend are related to Sarah. I always try to be on my best behavior :)

This altar is where Sarah and I will make a commitment in 187 days to live, love and serve each other for the rest of our lives. Yesterday marked a huge milestone in our relationship, 7 1/2 years of dating. Which means two things: 1. We are closing in on marriage under common law & 2. We have been high school sweethearts for a long, looong time.

Yesterday Larry's sermon was about sacrifice and giving your all. The call of Christ is one that is from selfishness to willingness. Christians are commissioned to give their ALL for the sake of the Gospel. At the core of this call is attribute of LOVE. As I have reflected today I have realized that God has given me the perfect illustration to help me understand a Christian's call, in my relationship with Sarah. Over the past 7+ years we haven't been perfect, having had our share of fights and disagreements. But no matter what we have worked together to come to an agreement and worked it out. For better or for worse we stick together.

Marriages only last this way: when each person loves the way Christ loved the world....Sacrificially. This is the example that Christ modeled.

Can I ask you to reflect today on areas in your marriage, family, work or friendships where you need to be more sacrificial?
>Then go and do it!

May we all live today with a willingness & readiness to give our ALL for Jesus, to the glory of God.

And... Can someone please go to Atlanta, fly her Delta plane and land it in Dang Knoxville so that I can see my beautiful Bride? We would both really appreciate it... VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!

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