Friday, May 29, 2009

New MAC & Apple Store Lesson.....

This week was certainly a big one for me. I converted from PC to MAC. This is one of the biggest decisions I have ever made that will effect the rest of my life or at least that’s what all my MAC friends tell me. You know MAC’s can do this and this and so on....

The time I spent in the Apple store here in NOLA on Tuesday and Friday did indeed change me. I certainly learned a lesson that had nothing to do with my MAC’s amazing ability, but instead has implications for a Christian’s life and Christ’s church. If you’ll read, I’m going to share my experience.

I purchased my MAC on Tuesday, opened it on Wednesday and noticed a small chip on the face of the keyboard. I returned it Friday to receive a new one. As I waited for the exchange to happen I noticed some amazing things. 

Every Apple store is pumping with energy. There’s an excitement like non other in these stores. There are bright colors, fun music and stuff to mess around on while you wait. Today just about every computer and iPod was being used by people (young & old) who just looked so happy to be in the store. As I stood there I was actually happy while waited, which is more than I can say about other stores in the mall. The environment is great and all they sell are high priced computers and phones.

Not only is the vibe great, but the employees are exceptionally happy and helpful. Dennis was my salesman on Tuesday and he was also working Friday. When I walked in he noticed me and spoke to me even though he was finishing an order with another buyer. When I told him about my problem he immediately moved to act while also closing out the other order. He was a great multi-tasker. In a few seconds he had the other boy’s new MAC and my new replacement ready for check out.

As he stepped away he informed me that he was headed to lunch. It was 1pm, which in my opinion is pretty late to head to lunch. Re-checking out took about 30 minutes, during that time Dennis proceeded to help three more customers. When I walked out of the Apple store after my 45 minute visit he was still assisting people with problems and answering questions. If I had to guess he probably never got his lunch break and I don't know if he even cared, he loves his job.

As I headed to my car I reflected on my wonderful Apple experience and my mind was immediately drawn to the Sunday worship gathering @ Vintage Uptown. Can I also ask you to think about the worship gathering that you serve in on Sundays or Wednesdays? My first thought was: “Man I wish Vintage was like the Apple Store.” And I bet you would have the same response, I mean how could you not?

Just imagine churches all across the US, Canada and the world where people were running to enter. Gatherings with an energy that was electric and people that were loving, helping and serving others. However some times, I think churches are more like funeral homes. As the pastors and members of churches only we can really effect the vibe of our corporate & small group gatherings. No matter where your church falls on the scale I think there is always room to improve. 

Apple sells computers which in my opinion are far from worthy when compared to the Gospel that every Christian has the privilege to communicate to friends and family on a weekly basis. When I compare my new MAC to Christ I can’t help but echo the words of Paul in Philippians 3:7-11. MAC computers are rubbish when placed next to Christ’s righteousness. 

I don’t know if you have ever personally been in an Apple store, but I would recommend that every pastor, staff member and church member make a visit. You don’t have to buy anything, just go and surf the web and check your email for a few minutes. As you do this observe and note the vibe. Then let this research impact the way you live, love and serve as a “Gospel Specialist.”

I truly hope that more churches will, if not already, be a joyous environment where every member is overjoyed to serve and sacrifice a lunch in order to continue to help people.

As a Christian you are apart of the Kingdom of God, rescued from the pit of sin. Think about this fact and then GO enjoy your personal position as one of God’s beloved children ready to serve. If I do my part and you do your part, then every church will become a vehicle through which God can work in an even greater way to bring about His Salvation.


Rob Wilton said...

best post yet. love the practical lesson for our life in Christ and for the church. that you are a mac guy.

John T. Meche III said...

Great post man. Apple may have the best computers in the world to lure people into the stores, but we've got the forgiveness of sin through Jesus and the power of the Spirit. We need to stop being "bad employees" with "messy stores", and we need to open up lots of "new locations" ...ok I'm done with the quote marks.
If you need any help with the new Mac or want to know about some awesome apps, you know where to find me.