Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lessons from youngest son & little brother.....

Yesterday the last Brick graduated from South-Doyle High school, which means that the school will never be the same. Nicholas has had many nicknames throughout his 13 years of school. The two most memorable are Frankie and BIG Nick.

Watching this young man last night walk the stage in Thompson Boling Arena was weird, especially since I remember when we use to roll around wrestling and building play forts. All day play days were great days. Now he has all-day cook days making his own dough and sauces from scratch.

In honor of Nick's accomplishment my parents, Lauren and I complied a list of "What We have learned from our Big Nick"

The youngest son & little brother Lessons:

  • Why talk when you can text
  • Prime Rib and Spare Ribs are not the same
  • You don’t sweat as much if you stay inside
  • You get what you ask for, so be specific
  • A car can run with no oil … but not for long
  • Bruno train sets and Lincoln logs make great forts for all day play days
  • Putt-Putt is always fun, no matter if it takes 8 times to get the ball in
  • Transfer of the title of the 4Runner means transfer of purpose – it becomes a wrecking ball – “what car behind me”

  • UT football passion can be taught and passed on

  • Cooking from a box is of the devil

  • Fifteen minutes of driving = ten minutes of napping

  • Showering is not a daily necessity if you have Axe body spray
  • Height is just in the eye of the beholder; big brother is always big brother
  • Why go to the symphony when you can get the same array of sounds playing X-Men
  • Why wipe the toilet seat when the next user will definitely have to do it

  • Little brothers watch and do what they learn from big brothers
  • TV is a soothing serenade for sleep

  • Friends should not just be guys, but girls and girls and girls too
  • Nothing better than little brother desserts for Valentine’s not even Sucre

  • Cookware is much like drum ware – get it all
  • Always look for fingers in the doorway before you shut a door

  • You can make it through childhood with out riding a bike
  • Sleepovers are longer than the night
  • Fluff on the dryer is quicker than ironing
  • Nothing’s more important than hanging with your friends
  • There is always tomorrow

  • Your body needs eighteen hours of sleep a day
  • That someone does need your advice

  • Seniors can find something to do every night of the week

                                            • All about tennis

                                            • There are other fun things to do at the beach that stay out of the contact with sand
                                            • Christmas is always better REAL-EARLY
                                            • Turtles don’t stay small for long, nor very clean for long
                                            • You can never dress too crazy for Spirit week
                                            • Even though you are taller, I am older
                                            • You are never too old for toys

                                            As my little brother you are one my favorite honored guest in NOLA

                                            Move over Emeril, Here comes BIG Nick

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