Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dating in Marriage....Really! (Part 2)

The 1st Vintage Date Night last Friday was a huge success. We had 34 couples laughing, eating, painting and enjoying time together. One of my highlights was all the Facebook posts from couples with photos together showing off their paintings.

--Here is the Bricks' painting

Special thanks to the Big Artsy for accommodating our huge group. You should use them for a party this fall.

I saw an interesting news segment on the Today Show the other day related to dating, watch this-

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Did you hear the progression that happened for this couple?
The sift came when they began to communicate by courting one another again.

My thought after watching this segment was that a more appropriate title would be "Dating Saves Marriages". This, not separating, seems to be what this couple experienced. The concept of consistently dating is what we encouraged couples on Friday night to prioritize. Read that blog - "Dating in Marriage...Really." The reason is simply that this is what Mrs. Brick and I have experienced. Consistent dating helps our connection relationally, emotionally, sexually and spiritually.

So start this week, grab dinner and talk.

If you need some guidance I'd recommend the list(s) that Sarah recently found.

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