Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rough Week....

This Blog comes a day late because I had a rough week. But the roughest week in history happened not this week with me but with 11 of Jesus' closest friends and ministry partners.

The week began on a high as they sang their king into town like one that had come to conquer. The first few days of the week were spent clearing the Temple, calling out the religious leaders and some great pep talks from their leader about the coming kingdom. The great week continued as they had the most memorable Passover dinner when Jesus their Lord and Master humbled himself and washed their feet. After dinner, like every other day that week, the group left the city headed to the Mount of Olives. On Thursday night their teacher continued to teach them powerful lessons as they walked around the city walls toward Gethsemane, these are recorded in John 14-16. After a full day of ministry Jesus encouraged them to have a prayer meeting. Tired from the busy day the inner-three couldn't even keep their eyes open. It was in this garden that everything went south REAL quick. A mob comes and arrests Jesus. Their conquering king is silent and never fights back. He is carried off to face beatings, mockings and false trials. The Jewish religious leaders declare him guilty and take him to Pilate first thing Friday morning. At the hands of Romans, who were expert executioners, Jesus is flogged and crucified. Jesus, who was the conquering king at the beginning of the week, died like a criminal in the most tortuous way ever made by man. Friday night the 11 disciples and probably a few other supporters of the ministry gathered together. The mood was defeat, despair and hopelessness. These people had thought he would be the Messiah. Jesus had given them so much hope.

Below is a YouTube Video that got my adrenaline pumping. In the midst of their hopelessness there was hope, because Sunday was coming.


Jesus is the Conquering King - just wait until Sunday!

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