Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fooled NO More: Lesson in Hebrew....

This spring semester I have had the “joy” of taking Intermediate Hebrew. We are currently halfway through the semester, and I have a new appreciation for the Ancient World and the Romans. Before the Romans’ standardization of the alphabetic script everything just looks like a bunch of symbols or pictures. Piece these pictures together and you some how get words. I just wish an “A” look like an “A.”

However, a bright spot for me personally happen last Friday in class. We were translating through Deuteronomy 24. As the professor read through the passage and we dissected each word. My NAME literally jumped off the page!!!!

I’m being as serious as a heart attack on April Fool's Day.
Look @ this Picture:

Underlined in red are the last two words of Deuteronomy 24:16
Transliterated: B-eh-H-E-T-O "AND" M-A-T-U
Translation: Matthew Brichetto
See it’s there in the Hebrew!!!!!!

I’m still wrestling with what the theological meaning behind all of this might be, if there is actually any.
Basically for now Moses (Author of Deut.) is my homeboy and God has loved me since the beginning of time.

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