Friday, February 20, 2009

The Parents and Parades....

The Mardi Gras/Carnival season has wrapped up for another year. This year saw the largest crowds since Katrina. This is such a fun time to be in New Orleans. While Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street are often synonymous, the French Quarter is not the only place in the city to find Mardi Gras action. Outside the Quarter, there are much more family friendly activities to be involved in. This year Sarah and I hosted my parents for five days of parades and fun. I wanted to post some photos so you can see what Mardi Gras looks like.

Crawfish boils are common during this season. Dad loved them. Mom ... not so much.

Beginning of Endymion Parade

Formula for TONS beads: Arms Raised + Dancing + Screaming

End of Endymion Parade
This parade had the best floats and throws the most beads

Sarah and I with our bling.

Dad was ready to party after grilling three boxes of burgers for Vintage's Mardi Gras Outreach.
He stepped right in to help where to meet a need.

Mom also partied like a rock star on Sunday after floating around to assist in many different areas. Both my parents have a tremendous heart for serving God by loving people. I know where I get desire to serve from.

This was the aftermath of three parades on Sunday.

9 parades in 5 days = We're exhausted!

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John T. Meche III said...

Having your parents around was great! It was a pleasure to meet them. And tell your dad I said he grills a mean hamburger.