Thursday, February 19, 2009

One of A Kind...

New Orleans is currently in the middle of carnival season, which is such a fun time to be here.

Tons of people line the streets for parades every night for a week and a half. My parents have actually come down to enjoy the 2009 festivities.

Tonight I write this as a conquering stud of Muses.

Muses is one of the big parades on the Thursday night before Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras Day). Muses is an all girl parade. The prize possession from Muses are hand decorated shoes from the ladies. There are a very small number and each are one of a kind. My mission when I went on Thursday was to get one for my one of a kind girl.

After tons of beads and losing my voice from screaming.... Mission Accomplished!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah is now living in NOLA and we have fallen even more in love over the past month.
This picture is from Valentine's Night.
Doesn't see look amazingly beautiful?

If you read this post you should also email Sarah to make her blush:

Love you Sweetheart

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