Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Many Israel Lessons

There are numerous lessons that I learned while I journeyed around Israel. I will use my blog to share these with you. I have many pictures and video that I look forward to posting as I reprocess through my notes and thoughts.

Lesson #1: Difference in Coffee

I met Craig on this trip, he's a pastor in Alabama. He offered to buy me a cup of coffee one day in Aroma Espresso Bar, like Starbucks in America. He ordered two cups of black coffee and we learned a valuable lesson. Turkish coffee is like French Pressed coffee, except there is no press. Both of us took a huge sip before all of the grinds had settled. I had to chew my coffee before I swallowed. From then on, we made sure to specify that we wanted them to put the coffee grind in a filter before pouring our cup.

If you would like to make Turkish Coffee yourself, just put a couple of coffee beans in your mouth and chew them. Then just add some spit and you'll have Turkish Coffee.

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