Wednesday, October 29, 2008

World Changer: One Man

Ever had a great day? Wednesday October 29, 2008 was one of those days for me. Many things happened, but I would like to share one. I hope this one encourages and challenges you in your journey with Christ.

NOBTS has many international students, many of them from South Korea. The simple fact that they have moved half way around the world to study should challenge us in our lazy American Christian lives. [Another sermon for another post. HA!]

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to have lunch with a man named Seongjin Park, a God called man that can really preach. (both in English and Korean) I won’t go into all the details but simply say that this Christian brother’s walk with the Lord rocked my socks off. He spent 20+ years as a Financial Planner in Korea advising people on financial matters, mostly planning for retirement. God convicted and called him to throw aside the pursuit of earthly treasures to begin to invest in heavenly treasures. (Matt 6:19-21)

Translation: Beginning to make disciples of all nations for the Glory of God (Matt 28:19-20)

BUT, the most humbling and life-changing thing was as he shared with me his passion for this calling. He stated that God had given him a vision for his calling. The goal was to reach and impact 100,000 people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

That's Neyland Stadium packed!
What a glorious site!


Ponder that for a minute….

  • You think that is a big vision? I would say “yes.”

  • You think that is an impossible vision to accomplish? I would say “No.”

If we truly believe that we serve a God who is all about doing the impossible, then why do we not live everyday with God-Sized visions for our life?

The “To-Do”: Blow up your picture of God and allow the new picture to totally change the way you live, work, volunteer, study, serve and minister.

God has a specific mission for your life. You might be the only Christian that a person in your city interacts with.

You are ‘the very one man!’” --Seongjin Park

Prayer: God, give me a bigger picture of you and your desire to see all people know you as the Lord of all and Savior of mankind. Make me that “very one man.” Declare your Glory through me, your human vessel and mouthpiece.

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