Monday, October 3, 2011

September: The month that flew by

September seemed to end as soon as it got started. Here's some videos and pictures of the month that flew by.

From January to September 11th there were hundreds of volunteers who worked, prayed and loved on the community. We threw a huge celebration party as a way to let our neighbors know that a new church family was here for them.

We also celebrated God's call on Jonathan Griffin's life to serve as a pastor and enlisted him as our Metairie Campus Pastor.

Vintage Uptown: 2 gatherings, 2 locations

Over the month of September we were also able to transition our Uptown campus from 1 location to 2 locations. We are still one campus which unites together at two locations to see the Uptown, Mid-city and Westbank communities learn about and begin to follow Christ.

Here's a short video from last night at our Carrollton Campus.

Our new vKids facility at the Carrollton location is one of the parents' favorite parts about this transition. The kids enjoyed the new space last night. I'm looking forward to the way God will begin to draw the hearts of young boys and girls to Him in the coming months and years.

These 3 gatherings are a celebration of the way in which each of us are daily living the Gospel, loving the city and being the Church in our individual, community group and corporate lives each week. In your neighborhood, workplace, classroom and coffee shop ask God to use you and then get ready for the opportunities that He will bring your way.

And finally, the Saints are a good looking 3-1 team [Offense, Defense, Special Teams] that will be in the NFC hunt for the Super Bowl. Who DAT!

Now if the Bricks could just get 2 tickets.....Sarah has never seen a game in the dome. But I'm 5-0 when seeing them play in person.....for those of you w/ connections.

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