Friday, April 8, 2011

EGG the Homeless

EGG the Homeless - April 22-24th

Yes... you read that right!

This is a movement of the church to change the face of homelessness in New Orleans over the Easter weekend. Our partnership is with the New Orleans Mission. We are working hard to bring all the final details together for what is going to be an awesome weekend. I hope you are excited to see God work and move as we serve our city and worship Jesus.

Weekend Schedule
  • Elevate [April 22]: we will unite as the church to pray for the Homeless - location Vintage Campuses @ 7pm
  • Give [April 23]: we will unite with others in our city to provide for the Homeless - location Tipitina’s Uptown @ 7:30pm [Benefit Concert Information]
  • Gather [April 24]: we will unite as the church to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and life change available to the Homeless - location Dixon Hall on Tulane Campus @ 10am

What can you do?
Pray: Join us in asking God to move in such a way that He gets the glory over these three days. To journey along with us over the next 2 weeks check out Our Prayer Guide

Invite: Come to one of our gatherings [Campus times] for postcards and flyers to pass out in the city. We also give everyone permission to Tweet and Facebook status the heck out of this. The EGG the Homeless site

Serve: We have volunteering opportunities on Saturday and Sunday, talk with your community group leader [connect to with a group] or email

Give: Tickets for Tipitina's Uptown are available here. You can also can make a contribution to help cover the cost for the weekend.

Donate: Bring toilet paper, paper plates and paper towels to our Easter Sunday Gathering for the New Orleans Mission.

Live the Gospel, Love the City, BE the Church

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