Saturday, October 31, 2009

That'd be 'the day'

October 31, 1517 Wittenberg, Germany... that was the day.
The day change began.
The day the Reformation began.
The day God got All the Glory.
Martin Luther gathered a hammer, nails & his 95 Theses.
His desire was to refocus the church on salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone

His study of God's Word inspired him to adhere to God's Word. He knew the Truth and courageously stood for the Truth no matter the cost. He suffered many hardships because of this and was continuously questioned. His life is a great example.

Video Clip of His Defense (From 'Luther' the movie)

*'Luther' the movie is a great reenactment and retelling of his life.

I pray that we are encouraged and inspired to know God and His Word like Martin Luther.
May God work today in and through our lives for His Glory.

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