Saturday, March 7, 2009


Friday and Saturday was a great time of personal refreshing as God gave me a glimpse of the work He is doing.

On Friday I got to hang out with and challenge 30 Campus Crusade for Christ leaders from various college campuses in New Orleans. The next generation of leaders, business and politically, will come from the people on college campuses today. I believe that this is reason enough to be engaged in trying to reach this generation for Christ. There are great rewards for the future of America if we can reach and mold them to become followers of Jesus Christ.

Saturday one of our pastor's (Page) home church came to help serve our community. We spent the day cleaning Laurence Square, which is a park close to where our church meets on Sunday. We raked leafs, cleaned up Mardi Gras beads, gave out free waters and met some people from the community. The weather was a beautiful 78 degrees.

As I served in these opportunities God showed me that I'm involved in His movement, which is all about loving people for the purpose of sharing Jesus Christ. Living in New Orleans is great because you can see God doing so many different things. But even cooler than that is that this same God is moving all over, in every city and town. Join up with a church or ministry and start getting dirty serving people like Jesus would do.

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